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Can't pick a course? Just leave a request!

What you should study english exactly in St. Paul's Bay in Malta?

In the north of Malta, you can find a town St. Paul's Bay which is popular among tourists.

The town received its name according to the legend of the life of the apostle Paul, whose ship after two weeks of wandering around the sea crashed near the islands of Malta.

Today, there is little to say about the small fishing village where the holy apostle arrived. Situated on the picturesque coast, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars attract tourists to St. Paul's Bay.

Each school here is unique in its own way and creates an atmosphere for complete immersion in the language environment, and the sea air, bright sunshine and entertainment activities that the schools offer weekly will help you plunge into the life of the island.

Take evening walks along the boardwalk, dine at one of the restaurants along the coast, but if you like beach vacations and scuba diving, then the rocky bay of St. Paul's Bay is always glad to see you. In the vicinity, at various depths, there are tugboats, barges and even a three-meter statue of Jesus Christ, where guests of the island of Malta are very fond of diving with aqualung.

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