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What you should study english exactly in Valletta in Malta?

Valletta is one of the few European capitals that you can explore from one place to another, with all historical and architectural sights, in one visit.

The city is named after the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, Jean Parisot de la Valletta, who defended the island from the Turks in 1565.

The city has opened many restaurants of national cuisine of different countries, because it is no coincidence that Malta has for centuries been at the intersection of trade routes. Historical places impress with their architecture and allow you to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this city.

The peculiarity of Valletta is that it in itself is a continuous attraction. The small streets intersecting at right angles are still the same as they were designed under De La Valletta in the 16th century. Houses with colorful balconies are not antique stylization, they are genuine and people still live in them.

The language schools located in Valletta have retained the spirit of Maltese history along with modern educational standards. Qualified teachers, modern teaching methods, an individual approach to each student and the desire to convey not only knowledge, but also a piece of Maltese culture - this is what awaits you in Valletta. The city - fortress certainly will not leave indifferent any of the tourists.

city photo

Welcome to Valletta

Welcome to Valletta