What you should study french exactly in Montpellier in France?

Montpellier is an ancient and fascinating French city, one of the largest in the south of France. It is located in the fertile valley of the Les River, 10 km from the Mediterranean coast. Not far from the city there is a large international airport, Aeroport Montpellier Mediterranee, so it is convenient to get here to see contiguous cities and their sights.

Recently, Montpellier has experienced strong economic growth. Here are located enterprises and factories working in the field of medical, information, agrotechnical technologies. Montpellier is also a major center for the winemaking and wine trade. Every year, an international wine fair is held here.

It is a city full of interesting events, a center for art, gastronomy, good wine, many world cultural heritage sites. Montpellier has about 50 different parks and gardens. The oldest Botanical Garden in France is also located here. In addition, it is worth visiting the Cathedral of St. Peter, as well as the Fabre Museum with a huge collection of works by French artists, including famous impressionists.

Montpellier is often called “the city of three universities”, because every fourth inhabitant here is a student. Montpellier is home to the oldest medical school in Western Europe, from which the great French writer Francois Rabelais graduated. Studying French in Montpellier is a great opportunity to master the language and make a valuable contribution to your future.

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