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What you should study italian in Italy?

In the south of Europe, in the center of the Mediterranean, among the mountains is situated a small country Italy, which terrain is so similar to a beautiful woman's boot. Within the country there are also two independent countries. The Vatican city - the center of the Roman Catholic Church, and the smallest country in the world - San Marino, which is located on the Northern coast of Italy and is an independent Republic.

Italy is an extremely picturesque and interesting country. Ancient and medieval monuments, fascinating architecture of buildings, unique landscapes, majestic mountains, delicious cuisine. In Italy, there are a lot of opportunities how to spend time. You can relax on a sandy beach, explore ancient monuments, go skiing to ski resorts. The beauty of nature, mild climate, world-famous sights await you if you choose this country to study the Italian language. For everyone who wants to learn the language of Michelangelo, Pavarotti, Da Vinci, Sophia Loren and other famous Italian figures language schools of Italy hospitably opened their doors. You can choose a course of different duration and intensity, and professional teachers, modern education programmes and methods will make your studying productive and interesting!