What you should study italian exactly in Orbetello in Italy?

Orbetello is known to be an Italian paradise in the province of Grosseto in Tuscany. The city lies in the centre of a beautiful lagoon, at the tip of a small peninsula. There are many sandy beaches, pinewoods and rocky mountains.

The city is famous for its beautiful scenery and a lot of still-standing archaeological and architectural landmarks. Among them are the Cathedral of Orbetello, the Church of our Lady of Mercy, the Church of St. Francis of Paola, the gates of the fortress wall, the Palazzo del Podesta at the Piazza Garibaldi, the Porta Medina Coeli, etc.

The city has an attractive geographical position, with only two hours ride from Rome, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Perugia.

The typical Mediterranean climate, fifty kilometers from the coast, washed by the purest sea, and a large variety of seafood, make Orbetello an ideal place for everyone who wants to learn Italian in one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany. Language schools offer Italian language programmes for different purposes: general Italian courses, theme, professional, family courses, etc.

city photo