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What you should study russian in Russia?

Russia is the largest country in the world. Located on two continents - Europe and Asia - it shares borders with 18 countries. Its shores are washed by the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Russia is a country with cold winters and hot summers, with forests, vast steppes, majestic mountain chains, rivers, lakes and beautiful nature.

Russia is rich with its history. Its cities combine the charm of antiquity and the brightness of modern times. Historical places and sights allow you to fully experience the richness of the centuries-long national culture. Russian works of art, literature, music, achievements of scientists, theaters and ballets will not leave anyone indifferent. Learning Russian gives you the opportunity to get to know the mystifying Russian soul.

More than 300 million people speak Russian. It is one of the most melodic and beautiful languages in the world. Along with French and English, Russian is one of the UNO official languages, which all documents are translated into. Russian is the second largest language used in scientific publications in the field of chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics and biology. Learning Russian gives you the opportunity to read the scientific works of great Russian scientists, as well as works of literary classics in the original.

Language schools offer programmes for every taste and age, successfully combining both the duration and intensity of the courses. Professional teachers use modern methods in teaching Russian in their classes. Don't miss your chance to learn the Russian language in Russia!