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What you should study russian exactly in Saint Petersburg in Russia?

St.Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. The city was founded by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703 and is often called the northern capital of Russia. It has embraced the charm and grandeur of the ancient city and the modernity of the metropolis. The city is famous for its white nights, bascule bridges, various cultural and historical places.

Every building and street of St.Petersburg holds traces of history. Residents and guests of St. Petersburg can daily admire the unique architecture of ancient and modern buildings, the grandeur of palaces and cathedrals, the extensiveness of the squares. Along with the city architecture astounds the abundance of canals, streams, ponds. No wonder the residents call the city "Russian Venice". The suburbs of St.Petersburg - Peterhof, Gatchina, Tsarskoye Selo and others will not leave you indifferent either. Beautiful fountains, palaces, that absorbed the atmosphere of luxury, wealth and antiquity. Being a modern metropolis, St.Petersburg is a city with well-developed transport communication. In the city there are a lot of buses, trams, minibuses, and sprawled throughout the city Underground will help you get anywhere in the city easily. St.Petersburg is often considered the cultural capital of Russia. There is a large number of different museums, theaters, galleries. Famous Hermitage, for example! The spirit of culture of the city encourages to study something new. Learning the Russian language, for example, will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with this wonderful place and feel the atmosphere of the Russian city. Modern language schools in combination with no less up-to-date teaching methods will contribute to your successful learning of Russian language.

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